Women Rescues Deaf Cat From Dumpster And Now She Gets The Most Adorable Greeting Every Time She Walks In

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More and more often these days, we wake up to horrible news of destruction and despair all around the world. The world, it seems, is getting bleaker and bleaker. And in such times, a show of the good side of humanity really lifts one’s spirits. This tale of a woman and her whole incident with a deaf cat is one such story.







It all begins with the horrible person who abandoned this adorable cat and threw it into a dumpster. The cat had no option but to stay there for a long while, until it was finally rescued by a caring woman.

And now, the cat, who his totally deaf, has really taken to the woman. Every time she spots her human, she starts emitting a high pitched form of greeting! It really is a cute response to being startled! Watch this cute white cat’s reaction for yourself below!

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