Two Cats Meet A Fox, But The Fox’s Reaction Is The Best!

Normally foxes are skittish creatures, and are mostly active at night. So seeing a fox at all can be a rare occurrence. That’s what makes this video so amazing, particularly since it isn’t in the middle of the woods; it’s in in an English suburb.

While some might think of cats and foxes as natural enemies, this cat named Jimmy seems to have been making friends when this man walks up with a camera. The fox is curled up just outside his back door, and the cat and the fox have been looking curiously at each other. There doesn’t seem to be animosity between either of the two, though the man smartly doesn’t try to test it by letting them interact without the window between them.

Take a look at this video!

The fox checks out the cats, Jimmy and Sammy, and smiles for the camera, then scampers away. Don’t forget to share the fox’s head tilt with your friends too!


Source: Dan Bull / YouTube

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