A Man Found A Dead Fox On The Side Of The Road. He Was NOT Prepared For What Happened 8 Hours Later.

We all come across road kill on our way to and from work or the grocery store, and we don’t bat an eye. However, one man couldn’t stand by and wait for this animal to succumb to its injuries. When he was biking to work, he came across the body of a beautiful fox who had been hit by a car and looked like it was struggling to survive.

He stopped and took a picture of the lovely creature, and posted it to his social media accounts. He took the time out of his day to stay by the fox and even laid a hand on the fox’s head to let him know that he wasn’t alone. He remained until he believed the fox had passed away. But on his way back home from work, he found the fox alive!

Take a look at these photos!



Not wanting to miss a second opportunity to provide some assistance, he got the animal to a wildlife veterinarian where he can hopefully be nursed back to health. Share away people!


Credit photo: Imgur

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