Wild Doe Struck By Car Thanks Woman Who Saved Her In Moving Video.

Last summer, a Rumble user named Mamasgirl66 happened upon a young doe that someone had hit with a car and simply “left for dead.” But that wasn’t going to happen, not on her watch.


She took the poor thing back to her home in Alabaster, Alabama, and set to work rehabilitating the doe, who was blind, deaf, and unable to walk.

Rather appropriately, Mamasgirl66 decided to name the doe Snuggles because of an adorable little habit of hers:



What better way to get a mother’s affection and attention than with some good ol’ lovin’?

“This is snuggles; she loved resting on me,” she wrote in the caption of a video posted in July. With some TLC, Snuggles has been making great progress.

“She couldn’t walk on her (own) so I started holding her tail and under her neck till she could stand,” she wrote. “This was (the) first walk by herself with little help.”


And here she is, munching on a bit of mango. “This was the first time I was able to get her to eat after she was hit by a car.”



And Snuggles is clearly grateful to her hero. Watch the video below to see her say “thank you” in the sweetest possible way.

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Source : inspiremore.com

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