Little Bear Cub Can’t Stop Flirting With His New Fawn Friend. Now Watch What He Does Next…

I have seen many odd friends on the internet before. I am sure you have as well. We have come across cats befriending dogs, and dogs befriending elephants. These types of unusual yet precious relationships always manage to bring a huge smile on our faces. The video below features one of these bonds.

The tiny little bear cub featured in this video is named Boog. This cub is a resident at West Virginia’s Point of View Farm. And he is surely going to steal your heart from his cuteness. The sanctuary provides shelter to a few more cubs, a mama fox and her three little ones, and three tiny fawns. In this clip, biologist Joel Rosenthal captured the sweet moment when Boog had his first interaction with a baby fawn. Wait till you see their reaction for yourself!







Watch this precious clip below! Aren’t they adorable? Let us know what you thought about this cute clip in the comments!

And here is what happened between Boog and the fawn 5 minutes after the video below.

Posted by Joel Rosenthal on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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