Man Spots Something Strange And Alive While Driving — By The Roadside

The man had mistaken it for some debris!

After a massive storm sweeping Massachusetts, United States, one man noticed something lying on the side of the road. At first, he had thought it was a piece of debris. But as he inched closer, he was shocked to see that it was actually a baby seal! The baby seal was barely two months old and in danger of being hit by incoming traffic. Thankfully, the Good Samaritan had phoned both the local authorities and the Seacoast Science Center rescue team to get the seal to safety.





Ashley Stokes, rescue manager at Seacoast Science Center (SSC), stated that Saco the seal had most likely came up with the extremely high flood tide which occurred around 2 a.m. as a result of the storm.

Exhausted from the turbulent storm waves and the long journey to the side of the road, the baby seal collapsed. The team realized that Saco the seal was near death, acting quickly to get him to the National Marine Life Center ASAP. Gray seal weanlings are normally very aggressive when approached, but Saco allowed them to get right beside him and move him into the kennel without resisting.

Stokes and his veterinary team had quickly realized that his blood sugar was extremely low. Plus, the poor animal was critically dehydrated. “Luckily, X-rays did not reveal any serious injuries, so the big priorities now are to get his blood sugar and hydration level back to normal, and then get him to start eating fish on his own again,” Stokes remarked.

The team at the National Marine Life Center are optimistic about his recovery. Today, Saco is doing much better than he was before and hopefully would be able to returned back into the wild very soon!

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