Mother Rat Fights Off Snake So She Can Save Her Baby

Most of us don’t think highly of rats. They are pests for many people throughout the world. Getting into our food or making nests in the walls of our homes. YIKES! But rats are just trying to survive like the rest of us. In this video, we see that a momma rat save her tiny baby from a snake!

The momma doesn’t waste any time nipping at the tail of the snake until the snake is forced to drop his small captive. At first, the baby rat doesn’t move – at all. But slowly, we see the baby rat begin to move – he seems ok! Momma rat chases the snake off and then makes sure he is gone before running over to her baby, give him a quick check and then, grabbing him up and dashing off into the underbrush!

Take a look at this video

Hoy mientras estava de regreso a casa se nos presento este sorprendente ACTO DE AMOR de una madre hacia su pequeñito , fue un momento de angustia y tanta emoción , LES DEJO LO QUE ALCANSE A GRABAR ♥♥♥♥ ♥ Oggi mentre stavo rientrando a casa, ho assistitoa questo sorprendente ATTO DI AMORE di una mamma nei confronti del suo figlio, è stato momento di angoscia e tanta emozione, VI LASCIO QUELLO CHE SONO RIUSCITA A FILMARE ♥♥♥♥♥

Posted by Evelyn Montecinos on Sunday, June 26, 2016

That snake may have to think twice about messing with rats again! Share away, people.





















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