They Set Hidden Cameras In The Woods. Now Watch What They Caught The Grizzly Bears Doing! LOL!

To find out more about nature and the animals residing it, researchers often fix up cameras in their habitat. This helps them observe their behavior without any interference in their work or the animals’ lives. With this in mind, “Planet Earth II” set up some cameras in the Canadian Rockies, hoping to capture live footage of the bears around that area.

But what the cameras captured was more than what they had bargained for. The bears were caught doing something really precious. Sometimes we have an itch in a spot we can’t quite reach, and bears are the same. To fight against the itch, these adorable creatures use trees to scratch their backs. “Jungle Boogie” plays in the background while the bears “dance” onscreen. They will leave you with a smile on your face for sure!

Watch this cute clip below! Did this bring a smile to your face? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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