What This Foal Does Behind Mom’s Back Is Beyond Funny… Just Watch!

We hope that when we take our children out in public, they don’t embarrass us! Right? Kids are so honest, and they say things sometimes that can be sort inappropriate (and super cute at the same time!). If they want that toy, they may scream bloody murder just to get it! It is hard to get mad at them (sometimes!)

When you are at home, your child can do, for the most part, whatever they like – even dance like nobody’s watching! Like the 8-week-old-foal in this video. Then the little guy gets a little carried away (perhaps he went around in a circle too many times and got dizzy!) Oops, I am okay! Look, I am sooo good, I will continue my happy dance just to prove it!





Take a look at this video!

I wish we could all hear the music so we can join in and dance alongside this happy little foal! Share away, people!



Source: www.heroviral.com

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