Baby Elephant Touches Woman’s Face For First Time, Is Surprised When She Can’t Find Her Trunk

Elephants are well-known for expressing their feelings. We have seen them mourn the loss of a member of their herd and aggressively protect their young. To say “I Love You,” elephants will stroke each other’s trunks. The baby elephant in the video below wants to tell her human caretaker that she loves her.

The calf reaches her trunk out to touch the woman’s face and can’t find her trunk! It is clear the baby elephant had no idea the woman wasn’t just like her. The reaction from the calf is so adorable and cute! The calf searches and searches, but can’t find the woman’s trunk!








Take a look at this video

If we all spent this much time trying to find the good in others – imagine how much better our world would be! Look for the ways to love someone – don’t spend time hating and being nasty. Be love. Find love. Share love.

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