Dad Spots His Cat Doing Something Weird In The Forest. But Keep Watching The Deer…

Teaching children to share isn’t easy. Getting your animal to share some tad bit of food is impossible. Most dogs will either inhale delicious morsels of food or guard it carefully. House cats will grab their goodies and run off to a secret place to enjoy it in private. The cat in this video is having a hard time sharing with a deer.

The cat’s human dad has caught the moment on camera. The deer slowly approaches the yummy morsels scattered on the ground, the cat is standing vigil over the pile. As the deer gets closer to the goodies, the cat is able to fend off the deer several times; the deer steps back but doesn’t give up.

Take a look at this video!




After a short face off and a stern word from dad, the cat wanders off – leaving the deer to enjoy the food! Such are the spoils of victory! Share away, people!

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