They Put A Tiny Dog In An Elevator All By Herself. Now Watch Where She Goes…

How many times have you heard that dogs are man’s best friend? Many times, and many times we’ve seen proof, so here’s another proof to strengthen the belief that dogs truly are man’s best friend.

This story is about a dog, a teacup poodle who takes the elevator all by herself to visit her friends. When you find out why she goes there and who she meets, your heart will melt like warm butter! This pup’s name is Nala and she visits the Lyngblomsten nursing home in Minnesota daily, which is also the reason why she’s known as the angel dog! What Nala does is that she visits each room and gives the residents all the loving they need!

Did you see that? According to Doug Dawson, the care worker at the nursing home, Nala visits everyday. She takes the elevator herself to the patients on the top floors! I bet you’ve never heard anything like this, right?! Don’t forget to share this with your friend!


Image Credit: USA TODAY / YouTube

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